Notícias YouTuber kidnapped trying to meet Haiti's Barbecue is freed from 'desert concrete shack'


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Out 5, 2021
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YouTuber kidnapped trying to meet Haiti's Barbecue is freed from 'desert concrete shack'


YourFellowArab was allegedly kidnapped earlier this month in Haiti, in an attempt to interview gang leader, Barbecue, and has since been freed without ransom, according to reports

A YouTuber and Twitch streamer has announced he has been freed after being kidnapped in Haiti two weeks ago, but fans were unhappy with his announcement.

YourFellowArab, also known as Addison Pierre Maalouf, is a self-described 'storyteller' creating travel vlogs and interviewing different groups globally. Maalouf is no stranger to dangerous content, having recently created a YouTube series 'Living With the Mexican Cartel '.

But, two weeks ago, Maalouf found himself in real danger. The streaming content creator was kidnapped and held for £475k ransom in Haiti after making a risky journey to the warring Caribbean country in an attempt to interview gang leader, Jimmy 'Barbecue' Chérizier.

Maalouf announced his release via social media with no mention of the huge ransom. Taking to X, the freed man wrote in a tweet: "I was kidnapped purely for the color of my skin. I was kidnapped for being a “Blanc”. Can’t give any more detail till I’m home, but all I will say for now is - Glory be to God. Released between Good Friday & Easter, Christ is King."

Despite alleging discrimination as the cause for his kidnapping, fans were unhappy to see the American YouTuber's tweet end in what appears to be a jab at the LGBTQ+ community. Maalouf continued: "When you’re kidnapped in the middle of the Haitian Desert 60 minutes away from any civilization in a concrete shack surrounded by barbed wire, you don’t pray to a rainbow flag, you pray to God."

The tweet has so far amassed a whopping 45K likes and 7.7 million views, but many of its 3,000 comments reject Maalouf's allegedly homophobic dig. One fan responded: "tf does a rainbow flag have to do with this". Another agreed: "How did you manage to relate your kidnapping to being gay".

Fans were also quick to point out the irony of the situation. One tweeted: "*gets discriminized and proceeds to discriminize" whilst another added: "U got kidnapped and the first thing u thought of first day out was to be homophobic".

Many were happy to see Maalouf's safe return, but surprised at the offensive comment. One user wrote: "Could’ve left the last part out for sure but we’re all just glad you’re safe and alive". Another shared their opinion: " Glad that you are free and safe.

"Nobody should have to endure what you went through. That said, you’re showing us your true colors. Your first instinct after discrimination is to direct negativity towards another marginalized grou

Some even went so far as to question whether the entire kidnapping was a stunt, merely to amass views. One account wrote: "Does anyone else feel like this is totally scripted lmao".

Lanmò Sanjou - 400 Mazowo gang leader - allegedly arranged for Maalouf's release without ransom.

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