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Underworld 2.21


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Set 22, 2006
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Underworld 2.21
For All Diablos and Diablo Wifi 2.6 (new Wifi Chipset)
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This fixed are affecting only users with Diablo Wifi rev. 2.6

- Fixed CCCam Client problems. Now it is working and tested with servers up to 30/40 cards.
We tested big servers with 500/600 cards and there are still some card buffering problems.
The majority of users should be able to get it to work pretty streightforward.

- DNS resolving issue solved. Some DNSServers were not solved properly.

NOTES for users of new WIFI version 2.6 only:

We are working on fixing the original version of firmware released by Duolabs to make it suitable for our application.
Hence the version 2.6 is much different from previous version 2.5 and enhances to a lot of more opportunities but we
are step by step fixing here and there little bugs.
The hardware revision 2.6 is much more compatible with all routers out in the market and the connection stability is faster
and much more reliable.

- NEWCAMD ang GBOX not supported at present. We will working on this now
- CCCam servers with tousend of cards may not work. We are working to solve this problem.

Support will be given constantly untill all known bugs will be solved and new features implemented.


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