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Kurs.Expert monitoring crypto exchangers


Nov 6, 2023
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Kurs.Expert - сashback from cryptocurrency exchange.

Do you use exchangers and monitors?
Get the maximum benefit from every exchange from Kurs.Expert!

To get a cashback you need to follow three simple steps:
Choose an exchanger from the list https://kurs.expert/en/obmennik.html with a $ icon.
Go to the exchanger, make an exchange
Specify the number of the completed request https://kurs.expert/en/account/cashback.html

That's it! We will return you 100% of our profit.

You can make the procedure even easier!

Install our browser extension for Chrome or Firefox https://kurs.expert/en/apps.html, authorize, and you will be able to apply for cashback automatically for most exchangers.

Exchangers with cashback in the extension are highlighted in green:

If you have visited an exchanger before our site or have an already registered account there, you will need to go through a one-time procedure of consolidation.

Detailed conditions of the cashback program are specified on the page https://kurs.expert/en/cashback.html.