Notícias Inside lavish life of 'James Bond of crypto' including orangutan pal and swanky cars


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Out 5, 2021
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Inside lavish life of 'James Bond of crypto' including orangutan pal and swanky cars


The self-proclaimed 'James Bond of crypto' lives a lavish life after making his fortune in forex, crypto trading and NFTs – he even has a fleet of posh cars, a young orangutan friend and a tiger cub he walks on a leash

A self-proclaimed 'James Bond of crypto' is living a life of luxury, complete with flashy cars, high-end watches, private jets and exotic holidays, all funded by his £30 million fortune.

Djordje Novakovic, who regularly shows off his collection of McLarens, Bentleys and Ferraris online, attributes his success not to superior intelligence, but simply to the fact that 'he tried'. The bachelor's extravagant lifestyle even includes sharing his Lamborghini with a young orangutan, walking a tiger cub on a leash, and posing with stacks of cash.

The 25-year-old has amassed this staggering wealth through forex, crypto trading and NFTs. Djordje, a Westminster University graduate, told the Mirror: "I managed to make £30million before my 25th birthday.

"I ensure my family are well looked after, I indulge in amazing cars and holidays and have an impressive collection of watches. You could say I'm the James Bond of crypto – my trades certainly have a licence to thrill."

The Swiss national, who recently splashed out on a £700,000 Richard Mille watch, runs a subscription-based website where he shares insights into his investment activities. He also offers online courses to mentor budding investors.

Djordje added: "Through my platform, I aim to democratise investment knowledge. I make millions of dollars online and now help others do the same. I'm just an average guy who believed in himself. I'm living proof that literally anyone can do it, anyone can achieve something big in life. I'm not from a rich family, I'm not smarter than anyone, the difference is that I tried."

Djordje regularly posts snaps of his luxury lifestyle to social media. One even shows him behind the wheel of one of his swanky cars alongside an orangutan pal. And it's not the only exotic pet he has – Djordje also keeps company with a baby tiger.

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