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AB IPBox Prismcube image 1.2.2_20131126


In Memoriam
Set 22, 2006
Gostos Recebidos

- Fixed minor channel list bugs
- Fixed channel zapping bug
- Fixed current channel number bug on live plate
- Fixed EPG UI display to be updated immediately when starting a recording
- Fixed "Send to PVR" in PVR manager
- Fixed channel list to update satellite info immediately
- Fixed focus issues on FTI window and Antenna Setup window
- Fixed focus issues on main menu in media center
- Fixed addon repository update notification bug
- Added Multi-feed icon on live plate and timeshift plate
- Added a dialog for recoverying broken DB
- Added active standby and deep standby menu in main menu
- Added "No Service" in channel status
- Deleted 1 pixel dot at top left corner of OSD
- Updated German, French, Czech and Slovak translation
- Updated Prismcube addons
- Fixed sort button not to available in favorite group
- Fixed move menu only available in "All channel" mode and favorite group
- Fixed channel list to display only tunable sub channels in recording
- Fixed multiple left key input issue on timeshift
- Fixed play icon bug on timeshift
- Fixed recording bug on standby mode
- Added Fast Scan icon
- Added move and delete menu in Fast Scan group
"- Fixed bug timer recording when standby
- Fixed Latin character display on front VFD"
- Fixed bugs on addon repository check
- Added restart system, restart gui function
- added update server for AB IPBox images

Here you can find new AB IPBox 1.2.2 release:



In Memoriam
Set 22, 2006
Gostos Recebidos
How to USB update:

1. unzip file "update_ruby_xxxxxxx.zip" in your PC, you will have folder "update_ruby"
2. copy folder "update_ruby" to USB stick
3. connect USB stick to box
4. turn off/on box
5. WARNING: Press i button on remote control to start update when system boots.
6. when done, on display will appear "remove usb" - just remove it
7. after remove, box automatically restart itself

How to USB update from .zip file:

1. copy file "abipbox-image-prismcube-20140129.zip" to root of USB stick. Delete "update_ruby" folder if exists.
2. connect USB stick to box
3. go to Memu - Install - Update - Update firmware from zip file
4. choose destination folder "Removable Device(sdb1)" - sdb1 or sdb - depends on if you have local HDD or not
5. choose "abipbox-image-prismcube-20140129.zip" and press OK button of RCU
6. box starts unzip process, than update process, when done, it restarts itself automatically

New from IPBox team:

[FIXED] After reset system configuration is decoding from local card and sh***ng disabled
For this function use "plugin.program.softcam-0.1.29.zip" only.

New from Marusys:

[FIXED] Channel list bug fixes
[FIXED] Deleting timer bug fixes
[FIXED] Missing CAS info for fast scan channels
[MODIFIED] German, Slovak and Czech OSD translation
[MODIFIED] Navigation optimization
[MODIFIED] EPG optimization
[MODIFIED] Added more editing channel functionality for favorite channel group
[NEW] Enable/Disable next EPG notification in Advanced Options
[NEW] Enable/Disable clock display on Live TV screen in Advanced Options
[NEW] Enable/Disable clock display on front panel display in Advanced Options
[NEW] Added help for force addon repository refresh
[FIXED] Media play stops before reaching end of file
[FIXED] No audio playback after frame seek
[FIXED] Extra button appears when changing HDMI format
[FIXED] Hide Restart GUI menu ( Note : Undo this by uncommenting the line if you are a developer who want to use this menu )
[FIXED] Channel change bug in EPG channel mode
[FIXED] Various PIP fixes
[FIXED] Minor bugs in Timeshift
[FIXED] Opening m3u file fix
[FIXED] View timer notification bug in active standby
[FIXED] With extended EPG data, sentences are incorrectly separated
[FIXED] Jerky A/V playback on streaming
[MODIFIED] Improvement on Loading thumbnail
[MODIFIED] Automatic restart after updating channels from Prismcube Manager and factory reset
[MODIFIED] OSD and Audio language selection
[MODIFIED] Smooth video frame seek by pressing FF/RW key in XBMC media play
[NEW] Backup and restore system image
[NEW] Timer in main menu
[NEW] New info in the bottom of window
[NEW] SMB support in Update firmware from zip file
[NEW] 64GB and 128GB SSD support
- Support PIP.
- Modified HDMI Format UI ( after change resolution to 1080p and pressing some buttons on RCU it is not stored resolution Nobody know that must wait more seconds after change resolution. )
- Updated OSD translation
- Remapped yellow and blue hot keys ( Yellow : Audio and video settings, Blue : PIP on/off )
- Added a bookmark notification icon
- Optimized Get Addons, Get Repositories function
- Disable Background image caching
- Support connection of NFS in file browser
- Added "Update from zip file" ( backward compatibility not supported ).
- Added u-boot command "display_strings" for display strings to surface
- Adeed MPEG2 SW decoder for fixed SD picture decoding problem.
- Added Fast Scan in first installation menu
- Added Russian qwerty RCU
- Fixed bugs on scrambled channel recording
- Modified fanart resolution for improving speed
- Fixed bugs on auto remove thumbnail script

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing