Royal family 'still hugely respected' despite overcoming years of scandal says expert


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Out 5, 2021
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Royal family 'still hugely respected' despite overcoming years of scandal says expert


An expert has jumped to the defence of the royal family after a commentator suggested Buckingham Palace is at serious risk of losing the public's respect following years of scandal

The royal family is still thought of highly and respected by members of the public despite years of scandal, as an expert jumps to their defense.

It comes as a royal commentator suggested that Buckingham Palace is at risk of the public losing respect being undermined after 'mismanagement'.

However, royal author Angela Levin, who penned Harry: Conversations with a Prince, leaped to defend the British monarchy stating they've always had "difficult patches" to overcome and always have done.

The Sunday Times' Tom Bower wrote: "If Buckingham Palace’s mismanagement continues, there is a serious risk that the public’s respect for the embodiment of British stability will be undermined."

Bower wrote his comments as part of a piece for the paper detailing how without Prince Philip, 'the royal house of cards' is falling.

He speaks of "sleaze, sex, and scandal" hitting daily headlines since the Queen's absence from the public spotlight from October when doctors urged Her Majesty to rest.

Bower writes: "That unmanaged saga is just one of many scandals giving the impression of the Palace’s drift towards crisis, now more apparent after Prince Philip’s death in April.

Ms Levin tweeted: "I don't think so negatively. The Royal Family always has difficult patches to work round but have come through for several hundred years.

"The Monarchy is much better for us than a President. Look round the world. The UK Monarchy is hugely respected."

One fan responded to Ms Levin, agreeing: "The Royal Family don’t cost much to the taxpayers, they bring A LOT of money to the economy, they support thousands of charities and they unite the country in times of need. That’s beyond any President, any politician can do."

A second added: "As an American, I would love the respect and support of the British Royal Family.

"Just look at the politics over here and all of you would fall at the feet of Her Majesty and the loyal family of hers."

However, one follower raised the point that the royal family doesn't get involved in politics as they need to remain neutral so they wouldn't be able to change that narrative.

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