Married McDonald's pervert in sex attack on teenage girl in drive-through booth


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Out 5, 2021
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Married McDonald's pervert in sex attack on teenage girl in drive-through booth


Matthew Blair, who has since lost his job at McDonald's, has been found guilty of two sexual assaults on his co-workers, despite claiming that both of his victims had consented to his behaviour

A former McDonald's worker sexually assaulted a teenage workmate after she returned to work following the death of her mum.

Married Matthew Blair attacked the young woman, who was in her first job, in a drive-thru booth in Scotland, reports the Daily Record.

His victim wept as she gave evidence from behind a screen at Paisley Sheriff Court, where she said: "I had clocked into work to make money. I didn't think I would clock in to be sexually assaulted."

Under questioning by procurator fiscal John Penman, she said: "We were having a laugh and talking and then things got worse. He slapped my bum and I slapped his back. That was something that happens all the time in there.

"It was my first job and I just thought this is what happened. He grabbed me over my work trousers at my genital area. He cupped my genitals with his hand.

"At the time I'd just gone back to work, my mum had passed away and I could actually hardly function going to work."

Defence solicitor Anthony Boland questioned Blair, who said: "My wife and I have been married for three and a half years. At the time of the incidents, the relationship was crumbling.

"We were arguing constantly, I was working quite a lot of night shifts and my wife was studying at the time to be a teacher so we would never see each other."

Blair's view was that because he thought the "situation was escalating”, his victim was allowing him to behave in that manner and he said he felt that maybe "she wanted something else as well”.

The court also heard that the pervert targeted another of his female colleagues after walking her to a bus stop.

His second victim told the court how Blair had sexually assaulted her as they walked to a bus stop after their shift. Blair pinned her against a wall and tried to repeatedly kiss her and touch her between the legs while telling her “not to tell anyone”.

Weeping in court, she said: "As we got to a tunnel he pinned me against a wall and started to kiss me. He told me I wasn't to tell anyone and he proceeded to try and touch me. I didn't give consent and I didn't have any warning this was going to happen."

The woman tried to walk away but Blair followed her to the bus stop.

"He caught up with me and said, 'Aw come on, nobody needs to know'. At the bus stop, he tried to pull me in again. He pulled me in by my waist and tried to grab my vaginal region.

"I felt embarrassed, ashamed and horrible, I just hated it."

Giving evidence, Blair said he believed the woman had consented as she had "reciprocated" by kissing him back.

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Blair, who now lives in Inverness, lost his job at McDonald's after his victims complained about his behaviour.

Finding Blair guilty, Sheriff Lindsay Kooner said: "Both witnesses were credible and reliable in their evidence. There is nothing that you said that raised reasonable belief to consent. I accept each of these encounters was an assault and was a sexual assault."

Sentencing was deferred until next month. Blair was placed on the sex offender register.

If you or somebody you know has been affected by this story, contact Victim Support for free, confidential advice on 08 08 16 89 111 or visit their website,

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